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Why You Should Look At A Five-Day Boarding Option

As you explore independent, private high school choices for your child(ren) you may discover you have more than the two choices of day school and [...]
admin decision

What Does My Admissions Decision Mean?

March 10th is here and with it, the excitement and sometimes anxiety as families hear about private school admission decisions. Before March 10th:
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Private School Interview Tips

Visiting a private school can seem intimidating, but going into your private school visit or interview with the right mindset can make a huge [...]

Top 7 Ways to Crush A Virtual Interview

How to Turn a Downer into an Advantage

College Admissions – The Trends We’re Seeing Today

Some 50 educational leaders and friends of The Winchendon School gathered for a lively conversation in Manhattan earlier this month to discuss [...]

How To Stay In Touch With Your Son At Boarding School

BYou did it! You toured, found the right-fit school, interviewed, your son completed the application process and moved into his dorm to start his [...]
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City or Suburbs? Boston Private Schools vs Private Schools Outside of Boston

Choosing between a private school in a city like Boston and a more suburban school can be difficult. Do both types of schools offer the same [...]