Why You Should Look At A Five-Day Boarding Option

As you explore independent, private high school choices for your child(ren) you may discover you have more than the two choices of day school and boarding school. More schools are adding a five-day boarding option.  What's a five-day boarding option and can it work for your family? 

There's Plenty to Like
Five and seven day boarding options share almost everything. With both options, students live in dorms, have a dorm parent, and both follow the school's schedule for meals, classes, athletics, practices, and study time. Both five and seven day receive the benefits of a classic boarding school education.

 At a school like The Winchendon School, the five-day boarding option gives your family all the advantages of a boarding school with the added flexibility of weekends at home with family. 

Five Advantages Of Five-Day Boarding At Prep School

  1. Instrument lessons, athletic practices, theater rehearsals, volunteering opportunities are all located on campus. Parents do not need to drive back and forth between activities gaining back valuable time
  2. Students have access to faculty outside of classroom hours for additional help.
  3. Students have scheduled evening study hall
  4. Students gain independence being away from home
  5. Students experience dorm-life before attending college


How Do You Weekend?

The answer to five-day or seven-day boarding can be as simple as how you plan to spend your weekends. If you live close to school and want to participate in boarding life but still have the flexibility of weekends at home, a school offering a five-day boarding option is a great choice.  For families, it offers a significant saving over the seven-day boarding option.