You’ve submitted your applications. Now what?


You’ve submitted your applications. Now what?


Take a moment

Congratulations.  You submitted your application(s).  Take some time to decompress and review the process.  Reflect on your college application journey and what you have learned about yourself by completing this process.  


Check your email and portal.

Colleges will communicate with you via email or through your college-specific portal.  Be sure to check consistently so you do not miss any critical communications.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

If you are applying for financial aid, be sure you have submitted your FAFSA and, if necessary, the CSS Profile.  Pay attention to the financial aid deadlines of your schools.  Continue to research outside scholarships using sources such as Going Merry.


Current Courses

Most colleges will want to see a Mid-Year Report by mid-January.  This report gives an update on your academic standing, so please avoid “Senioritis.”  Your college will expect that you maintain your grades throughout the year.  In addition, if you are Waitlisted, we want to send a strong update on your involvement in extracurricular activities, service learning, athletics, and the arts.  Stay engaged and be impactful on campus.


Continue to Research

Researching should continue so you are ready to make a more informed final decision.  Follow your schools closely on social media if you do not already.  Learn about your colleges’ daily news and important events happening on their campuses.  


Enjoy Your Senior Year

Trust the effort you put into your college application process.  Make the best of your senior year by attending school events, spending time with your friends, and thanking the teachers who have supported you.


Your Social Media

Please be smart.  You do not want to jeopardize a possible acceptance by posting something inappropriate on social media.  You never know when or how a questionable picture or comment will come back to haunt you.


The college application process is all-consuming, so you should be proud of the time, energy, and hard work you put into every application.  The College Counseling Office is here to support you every step of your journey.