Senior Year? The 5 Things You Should Be Doing Now.

The summer is ending.  Now what?


Perhaps back in June, you told yourself you would visit five schools, write your essay, finish your CommonApp, and research scholarship opportunities.  Now that August is ending, and you haven’t accomplished as much as you had hoped, does it mean you are behind in your college process?  


Not necessarily.  In an ideal world, you would have everything finished, or at least ready to be reviewed and “polished.” However, you still have time.  Even if you have a November 1 deadline, you have September and October to finalize your materials and research.  So where should you focus your time?


1. CommonApp

Indeed, the most accessible item to complete is your CommonApp Profile, Family, Education, Testing, and Activities sections.  Set aside time every day and fill in the necessary blanks.  You will also have time in your College Counseling Seminar to complete and review these sections.


2. Research

One of the positive aspects of the pandemic is that colleges and universities have built valuable online resources.  Listen to information sessions, take virtual tours, and take advantage of the fall programming schools have created.  If you find it hard to do on your own, come to College Counseling during a free period.  Once you are in the habit of researching several days a week, you will be amazed at your ability to differentiate between schools and programs.


3. Write

You will need to have your CommonApp essay.  There is also a chance several of your schools will require supplemental essays.  If you have struggled to gain momentum with your writing, work with your college counselor to establish a plan.  If you are nervous about sharing your writing for fear of being critiqued, that’s alright.  Your college counselor has worked with hundreds of students on their essays over the years.  We understand it can be a difficult step; however, we can not help you unless you share.  


4. Balance

The most important part of your college process continues to be your performance in the classroom.  You will need to balance your school activities, friends, courseload, and college process.  Communicate with your college counselor and your advisor when you feel overwhelmed.


5. Virtual Visits

We will have many colleges and universities offering virtual visits this fall.  I cannot stress enough the importance of these visits.  First, you have an opportunity to explore a school you may not have considered.  Second, the person you meet in these small groups is the admission counselor who will read your application.  It is a way to make a powerful impression, learn more about the school, and demonstrate your interest.


As we begin our College Counseling Seminars and individual meetings this fall, know that College Counseling is here to support you.  If you have any questions about taking the ACT or SAT this fall, please email Mrs. Chretien at


I can’t wait to see you all!


Mr. Lambert

Dean of College Counseling