What to Do If You Miss The Application Deadline

Did you miss the application deadline for the private New England boarding school you think is perfect? It may still all work out for you. Schools such as The Winchendon School have a first round deadline (usually January 15 or 31st) for the application.  This regular admissions cycle includes all admission decisions being sent via email, phone call, or 'snail mail' on March 10th.  But what if you didn't get everything in on time or you just started to apply now? Is it too late to apply?

Remember, it's okay if your recommendations come in a few days after that date. But what happens if you didn't submit your application by the due date? If it's within a few hours or a day or so of the application deadline go ahead and give the school a call to let them know. Look for schools with "Rolling Admissions." These schools will continue to accept applications after the priority deadline. So, if you're looking for a school in June or even August, schools with a Rolling Admissions policy would be your best bet.

Being waitlisted is another suggestion. Some of the most competitive boarding schools do not accept any applications after January 15th. If you are serious about one of these schools, email or call the office and ask to be put on a waitlist. Depending on the school's admission yield, they may move to fill openings for admission from the waitlist.

What about Financial Assistance? It can be imperative to meet the priority deadline for financial aid if you need substantial assistance. You may also want to look for private boarding schools which offer a flexible tuition, community, or merit scholarship program. These may still be available after the financial aid deadline has passed.

When you have your heart set on one particular school, it's smart to apply early, but if circumstances change and you're applying after the deadline, stay in touch with the admission office and let them know you are serious about attending. Showing how engaged you are in the process may increase your chances of being on campus in the fall.